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We have the solutions for your cleaning problems

Whether in clinics, elderly or nursing homes, research or production laboratories, hi-tech industries or in the food industry, cleanliness is a requirement in these and many other work places as well as being an indispensable attribute for successful trading and working. This ranges from physical cleaning such as washing or disinfecting hands, through the cleaning of floors and the working environment, to the cleaning and disinfecting of equipment and tools that have been used.

To achieve this and to successfully implement it, we provide you with not only our products, but all the know-how we have accumulated over a number of decades. We can advise you on how to solve stubborn problems in particular cases, or develop individual cleaners for you to achieve the required results.

However, the high quality and effectiveness of our products is normally sufficient for the majority of cases and we do naturally come across lots of marginal areas where there are cleaning problems that can be solved using our standard products.

CHEMOTEC, the solution for your individual cleaning problem.