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Hand disinfectant is available again !

Good news in the Corona crisis. We can again supply hand disinfectants.

Delivery bottlenecks for disinfectants

Due to the corona virus, there are unfortunately also delivery bottlenecks for disinfectants. We will announce when goods are available again.

The product rea-stabil has now also received approval in France!

We have received approval in France for rea-stabil. You can change the registration number at any time. ask us.

A little tip !

Cleaners always work better with warm water than with cold water.

rea-clar – our new remedy for poor visibility

In time for the "mosquito fly insect season" on your windscreen, we are launching our new rea-clar insect remover on the market. It is ideal for your car and removes mosquitoes and other dirt from windshields and headlights, but also from the radiator grille, license plate or bonnet and for motorcyclists it provides a clear view through the helmet visor. It quickly and reliably removes protein contamination and chitin caused by mosquitoes, flies and other insects. Click here for the product.

Koralison M – formerly Bayer Trennmittel [release agent] to be replaced

Koralison M, formerly Bayer Trennmittel, is to be replaced by Tegosil-Spray compact and Tego EP 18. The sprays contain silicone and are silicone-free respectively.

Our new delivery vehicle has arrived ready to quickly deliver your cleaning products, disinfectants and lab cleaners

Take a look at the pictures of our new delivery vehicle...

rea-perl product range

Given that rea-calc is the more sought-after product in the industry,...

new website

Our new website is now on-line and will provide you with a faster and more detailed overview of our products, all with an appealing and modern look.

swine flu

Due to the problems with swine flu, we have added another hand disinfectant to our product range. Available in different size packs, we can supply you with alcohol-based ‘hand disinfectants’ that contain re-fattening agents. ...