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rea-clean® Bio-Reiniger [bio cleaner]

A "Jack of all trades" cleaner combating dirt and grease on all surfaces made from plastics and metals. Mildly alkaline, intensive cleaning and biodegradable.

rea-clean® Bio-Reiniger [bio cleaner]

rea-cleanrea-clean® bio cleaner quickly, thoroughly, and gently removes even stubborn dirt, grease and oil contamination stains in a very environmentally friendly manner, as well as spots from objects, tiles, fittings, floors and surfaces of all kinds in various areas of use. In particular, it’s ideally suited for cleaning plastic surfaces. rea-clean® bio cleaner is especially environmentally friendly because the active ingredients are completely biodegradable. The phosphate-free cleaning concentrate is self-neutralising, demulsifies of its own accord, strongly dissolves grease, protects materials and is extremely economical due to a low application concentration. 1 litre concentrate makes up to 40 litres of working solution.

Commercial form: 0.5 litre foam spray bottle; 1 litre bottle; 5, 10 and 30 litre canisters.
Other units available on request.