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rea-des® rasant [fast]

A fast-action disinfectant for wiping down.

rea-des® rasant [fast]

rea-des-rasantrea-des® rasant is used for the rapid disinfection of sunbeds, saunas, showers, gyms, swimming pools, beauty salons and similar areas of use. It is an all-round disinfectant and has a very large effective area against bacteria, fungi, yeasts and viruses (hepatitis B, etc.). The formulation has been tested according to DGHM VII for the disinfection of surfaces against fungi on raw wood and in accordance with modified guidelines, specifically on acrylic glass and similar surfaces. The product will not cause tension cracks on acrylic glass. To disinfect objects or surfaces, spray and leave for 1 minute to take effect. Then just dry wipe with a clean cloth or paper towels. Free from formaldehyde. The active ingredients are biodegradable.

Commercial form: 0.5 foam spray bottle; 5, 10 and 30 litre canisters. Other units available on request.

Our disinfectant dispenser is suitable for rea-des® rasant.