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rea-des® skin

rea-des® skin is a particularly strong alcohol-based disinfectant for hands and skin with re-fattening agents.

rea-des® skin

rea-des-corpusanrea-des® skin is an alcohol-based hand/skin disinfection to rub into the skin. It contains lanolin as a re-fattening agent and moisturising substances for skin care. As a result, it has good skin tolerance, even when applied frequently. rea-des® skin is free from aldehydes, phenols, halogens and their derivatives, and acts as a bactericide, fungicide and tuberculocide, and a limited virucide. “Limited virucide”, according to the classification provided by the Robert Koch Institute in 2004, means that all enveloped viruses (e.g. hepatitis B + C, TBE, HIV, SARS, Influenza A + B + C, this includes also the H1N1) and in part also unenveloped viruses (e.g., rotavirus, norovirus, adenoviruses) would be inactivated.

rea-des® skin is available in different container sizes, for example as cartridges available for the dispenser systems currently available on the market or as a 300 ml dispenser and 1 litre refillable bottle, as well as 5 litre, 10 litre and 30 litre refillable canisters. Other units available on request.

Of course, you can also purchase the relevant disinfectant dispenser from us.


The properties of rea-des® skin:

  • acts as a bactericide, fungicide and tuberculocide
  • comprehensive virucide incl. BVDV (HCV surrogate virus), Vaccinia, HBV/HIV, rotavirus, adenoviruses and noroviruses
  • also effective against MRSA pathogens
  • hygienic hand disinfection: Reduction of bacterial transient skin flora in 30 seconds
  • surgical hand disinfection in 5 minutes
  • very good skin tolerability, even with frequent use
  • also applicable for skin disinfection
  • reviewed according to DGHM standard methods, EN 1500 and prEn 12791
  • in accordance with RKI (Robert Koch Institute) (§ 18 lfSG – German Protection against Infections Act): sphere A