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Product of Chemotec GmbH


A strong, foam-free cleaner with disinfectant action for your laboratory and industrial dishwasher.


rea-mat-schaumfreirea-mat®, the special foam-free quick cleaner with disinfectant action for use in clinics, industry and laboratories, and in medical and dental practices. For cleaning in all dishwashers, cleaning systems and extractor systems. Foam-free, fast and particularly material-friendly cleaner and disinfectant to simultaneously clean oil, fat, wax, resin, silicone, blood, protein and serum residues from glass, ceramics, rubber, plastic and metal instruments. rea-mat® is also suitable for ultrasonic baths. An excellent cleaning effect is achieved by high emulsification and Dispersion.

Commercial form: 2 kg and 5 kg buckets; 20 kg sack; 30 kg drum. Other units available on request.