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Product of Chemotec GmbH


The rapid cleaning concentrate for laboratories and industry with a wide range of applications; economical, effective, and environmentally friendly.


rea-sol-fluessigkonzentratrea-sol® is a special liquid cleaning concentrate for laboratory glassware and instruments, as well as objects made of porcelain, rubber, plastic, and metal. Oil, fat, wax, resin, silicone, serum, blood and protein residues are removed automatically, quickly and thoroughly with the highest possible protection of the material. Replaces widely used chromic-sulphuric acid, making it in non-toxic and kind to the skin. Graduations are not attacked. Sensitive tests are not affected. Particularly suitable for use in an ultrasonic bath. Suitable for the cleaning and decontamination of walls and floors. The cleaning solutions are cost-effective, meaning they can be used several times in most cases.

Commercial form: 1 litre bottle; 5, 10 and 30 litre canisters. Other units available on request.